Veteran Suicide Is Hard To Look At

We look to help and you can, too. Unimaginable devastation hits the survivors. Our mission is to prevent and limit the emotional and financial scars of Veteran suicide. 

Veteran Suicide Is Hard To Look At

Before or after a suicide, we look to help instead of looking away.


Crisis Financial Aid

Most have no life insurance and funeral homes are ruthless and demand payment in full before a family can lay to rest or even visit their loved one. We fight for them and pay their fees.

Suicide Prevention

Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy treatments are now being reimbursed by over 60 VAs nationwide. We help Vets find and pay for their treatment and they pay us back with the reimbursement.


Each story is different, but they all have a common thread of a family left in shock and horror. As a national nonprofit, we know what to do next and how to limit the scars of Veteran suicide.

Mental Health

We offer our families free training with a certified Transcendental Meditation teach to learn this easy to do and lifelong stress-busting skill. 

Bio-Hazard Clean-Up

Firearms are the most common way to commit suicide for our Veterans. The mess it leaves behind needs cleaned up. Some families are forced by poverty to do it themselves.

Our mission is 100% achievable because we built it that way. Streamline and virtual.

OAS is built for speed. No red tape. If a Vet needs PTSD therapy or the family needs a cremation, we transfer funds ASAP.

Once A Soldier was better for me than all the pills, groups and crying I’ve done.”

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