Phoenix Center Joins the Fight Against Veteran Suicide

Veteran suicide continues to bring heartbreak, mental health issues and financial ruin to the families left behind. The Veterans Administration is moving in the right direction to help save lives, and they recognize the need for civilian support services across the nation as critical in this fight. Key to reaching the goal of lower Veteran suicide is to recognize that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) drives many of these tragedies.

“Many people, both veterans, and civilians, have to deal with PTSD in their daily life. PTSD is a mental health condition that people may develop, usually after witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event. Such events could be anything from accidents to assault,” says Dr. Melanie Icard at the Butterfly Holistic Center in Phoenix, Arizona. The trauma of war is now a focus at the clinic she started. They are one of the many civilian support centers across the nation who are part of solving the Veteran suicide problem. We urge all Veterans and their family members to investigate this new wave of mental health support systems like the one now at Butterfly Holistic.

People with PTSD occasionally relive their traumatic experiences through feelings of panic, dreams, or vivid recollections. Treatment of PTSD usually involves various forms of therapy, such as prolonged exposure therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. Similarly, there are medications to manage anxiety. Sadly, for Veterans with training and access to a firearm, suicide happens 22-44 times a day.

Butterfly Holistic Center is located at 1430 E Missouri Ave Ste B127. Their services are perfectly suited for Veterans in danger of suicide to find an alternative to the usual and failing routines used by the Veterans Admisistration. Like us, they are looking to save Veteran lives. The latest mental health treatments looking beyond a pill regimen is having great success. And getting great press for a reason: it works. And it’s now available for Veterans and their families at Butterfly.

“The treatment that Melanie and her staff are giving to our Veterans is what we have identified as the most likely treatment to really stop Veteran suicide. We’ve talked to patients who have done this, and we have been advocating for wider adoption because they tell us it is effective.” says Dave Barbush, Once A Soldier CEO. “It’s cutting-edge, proven, and it changes the Veterans family lives as well. Suicidal thoughts are gone the same day. We support Butterfly for their committment to help our at-risk Veterans.”


Meet the Butterfly Holistic Center Caregivers


Dr. Melanie Icard

Intelligent Natural Medicine

Dr. Melanie Icard, NMD provides you and your family with truly top quality natural medicine that rebalances your body. Naturopathic medicine provides alternatives routes to healing that are different from conventional pills and surgery.



Holistic Care Phoenix

Angela Olson

Nurse Practitioner

Angela is our holistic and aesthetic nurse practitioner. She enjoys helping patients reach their health and beauty goals through the most natural and effective methods possible. 

She is PDO thread lift specialist.

Depression, PTSD, and Anxiety Can Also Be Treated

Naturopathic medicine provides alternatives routes to healing that are different from conventional pills and surgery. Veterans suffering from suicidal PTSD are typically on a roster of VA prescription medicines to treat it, but they rarely treat the whole person. With the start of a Foundation to help pay for this life-saving treatment, Butterfly can now treat the most severe PTSD.

Their newly formed Foundation has a mission to continue their community involvement. Funds will be made available to defer the costs or eliminate them for Veterans who are clinically depressed and at-risk for suicide. Contact them directly to learn more. Please tell them that you heard about their treatment from Once A Soldier. We have agreed to help them connect to our Veteran audience and their families of suicide survivors.

Higher education centers of medicine, such as Johns Hopkins University and Stanford University, have formed special schools and research centers to study and enable the reemerging alternatives to treating mental health. The treatments available at Butterfly Holistic Center is based on the same science these schools are learning more about. Across the nation, almost every town and city now offers cutting-edge treatments like this. Phoenix fits that description and Butterfly is leading the way in this area.

About Once A Soldier: Starting in 2017, our mission is to limit the scars of Veteran suicide. We offer prevention services and postvention services. We reach a national audience and our goal is to become the preferred channel for those who want to help Veteran families who need our services. With 17 Veteran suicides a day in 2021, we believe our two niche services will make a difference to each family and to our nation.