Grant Request Form

If approved by the VA, we will be providing 72 ketamine infusion treatments starting in September 2022 until September 2023. If you are a Veteran or family member, we can accept your application and will advise when funds become available. Please fill out the form below and include the details of your situation. You can also call or email us.

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Our Goal Is To Kill PTSD Before It Kills Veterans And Their Families

Once A Soldier has endorsed the use of ketamine since 2018. Ketamine and other psychedelics continue to gain acceptance as leading a new hope to stop veteran and soldier suicide. With treatment centers growing in popularity across the USA, our mission includes being on the cutting edge to combat this crisis. These types of treatments stifle PTSD. Patients are quickly reduced to a non-suicidal level. Follow-up visits are typically needed following your initial treatment.

Grant Details

    • Grant cover the full cost of the initial six treatments and 3 follow up visits
    • Grants are paid directly to your treatment provider
    • Grants are for surviving Veteran suicide family members and at-risk Veterans

Program Requirements

  • Veterans and their immediate family members should be diagnosed as drug-resistant for depression.
  • You should be connected to the VA.
  • Program courses run over the course of two to four weeks. You must be available for six treatments in that time frame.

Treatment Center Guide

These centers will ideally all have:

  • Board Certified physician or Medical Director
  • CRNA – certified registered nurses
  • An active current medical license in their state
  • A National Provider Identifier (NPI)
  • A DEA license
  • City business license

NEWS UPDATE: On January 29, 2022, we made history by being the first nonprofit to make a grant to a Veteran family for this type of treatment. The grant went to pay approximately 40% of the cost of ketamine-iv drip therapy. The Veteran and his wife both served in the Marines. For more information on this historic breakthrough, read our blog post about it. 

PTSD is contagious. Having witnessed or experienced the suicide of your loved one who had it, your post-traumatic stress disorder is the same. Your outcome doesn’t have to be. If you’re a surviving immediate family member of PTSD-induced Veteran suicide, this grant is also meant for you.