Stats on US Veterans From World War II to Afghanistan

Stats on US Veterans From World War II to Afghanistan

Census Report on Veterans In America

The first veterans of the United States served during the American Revolution in the Continental
Army, created in 1775 when colonial militias formed a common army under command of George
Washington. Since then, the United States has declared war 11 times and fought in conflicts around
the world. More than 41 million Americans have served over the course of the nation’s history.

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• The number of veterans in the United States declined by a third, from 26.4 million to 18.0 million between 2000 and 2018.
• There are fewer than 500,000 World War II veterans alive today, down from 5.7 million in 2000.
• Women make up a growing share of veterans.

Today, about 9 percent of veterans—or 1.7 million— are women. By 2040, that number is projected to
rise to 17 percent.

• The largest cohort of veterans alive today served during the Vietnam Era (6.4 million), which lasted
from 1964 to 1975. The second largest cohort of veterans served during peacetime only (4.0 million).
• The median age of veterans today is 65 years. By service period, Post-9/11 veterans are the youngest
with a median age of about 37, Vietnam Era veterans have a median age of about 71, and World
War II veterans are the oldest with a median age of about 93.

Insights from Veterans About The Report

Here are some recent comments from random Veterans.

2000 to 2018 the veteran population declined from 26.4 million to 18 million OR -31.8182% decline. So, one could argue that the VA has had a reduction of 31.8% of veterans it serves. However, 42% of post 9/11 veterans have a disability rating, significantly higher than veterans from other periods.

By 2040, it is projected there will be about 12.9 million veterans.

Women make up 9% of veterans, but that number is expected to increase to 17% by 2040.

Think the higher disability rating could be that the stigma of mental health is slowly deteriorating and more veterans are seeking help for it than previous generations?

Surprised to learn there are still almost half a million WW2 veterans alive today.


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