Hallucinogens Beating PTSD Veterans Say

Hallucinogens Beating PTSD Veterans Say

Magic Mushrooms, Marijuana and More Used Successfully By Vets

Joints, gummies, CBD oil, ‘shrooms and stellate ganglion blocks (SGBs). In a recent discussion online, Veterans are reporting amazing results from these DIY meds. They’re beating their PTSD with them. Non-pharma options are working.

With Congress recently killing a late 2020 bill to remove cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug, Congress is moving too slow and out of touch of these hippy drugs. White men in their 60s and 70s are still laboring under the Nixon-era non-pharma drug attitudes. Recreational drugs have been a part of active duty mental health since the hell of Vietnam. With the ravages of PTSD hitting them every day, they’re taking matters into their own hands. Here’s a slice of their lives tripping out to save their own lives.

Psychedelics, also known as psychedelic drugs, hallucinogens, or hallucinogenic drugs are chemical substances that induce hallucinations and other sensory disturbances.

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"Between weed and a stellate ganglion block, I don't suffer from PTSD hardly at all. Some breakthroughs, but I don't have to take the 8 medications the VA wants me on."

“I actually use CBD gummies to help me sleep and CBD lotion on my shoulder where I was wounded. It works so damn well. The gummies are amazing. I don’t have to take my Prazosin anymore and the massage oils and lotion I use works wonders on my shoulder and my ankle I broke 6 years ago. I’m not a pothead by any means but marijuana as a whole has changed my life and bettered it. I don’t have to eat opiates like I used to and I don’t have to get fucked up to make it work. I do smoke a bit but just when I need a boost to help me eat when I’m having a bad day. It is literally a medicine to me. Fuck big pharma.”

“Mushrooms saved my life.”

“People have this misconception that trips are all about having fun, giggling and laughing, etc. It can be. Personally, I hate tripping. It’s uncomfortable, I feel like shit, I get sick, and it’s terrifying. That being said, I’m able to work some shit out that I otherwise couldn’t have. I only touch that shit when I’m not doing great emotionally and need a reset.”

“I do microdose on occasion. Nothing more than 0.3 of a gram. Maybe once a month. I cannot notice any effects except that my aggression seems to be mitigated. People that use them to trip are just out for a good time and all this negative press of them have severely hampered the acceptance and research of hallucinogens as a medication.”

“Yeah, I did that for a while as well. Really helped with my anxiety, but when I went in on a few grams, I stopped having anxiety and panic attacks completely after the fact.

This Back and Forth:

It’s worth mentioning that that particular experience was terrifying as fuck, extremely uncomfortable, and exhausting and I haven’t touched them since simply because I haven’t needed to.”

“That’s how you know they work and are non-addictive. There’s this great natural organism we can consume to help us, but it’s also illegal. If one dose can cure you and you never feel the need to take it again, where’s the money?”


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