Patient Testimonials Does Ketamine IV Drip Therapy Work?

Patient Testimonials Does Ketamine IV Drip Therapy Work?

Excerpts From Real Patients on How Ketamine Therapy Worked For Them

Veteran suicide prevention takes many forms. Here at Once A Soldier we believe that micro dosing psychedelics in its many forms should get more attention and resources. The infrastructure is already in place with many clinics run by Veterans who are also certified nurse practitioners. Ketamine is also off-patent which makes it lower cost and widely available.

After four years listening to Veteran suicide survivors, we believe that Veteran suicide prevention has found a champion in micro dosing psychedelics or ketamine IV-drip therapy.

We’ve funded partial payments for Veterans and think that the time is right for the VA to move quickly to add this to their approved and covered treatments.

But don’t take our work for it. Here are some excepts from real patients:

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“I would say the most memorable experience was when I had a feeling of releasing negative thoughts and feelings about my body. I live with a chronic illness and used to wish that I wasn’t stuck in this body. I am at a place of acceptance now, and it is so much more peaceful.”


“I have complex PTSD, I suffer from depression and anxiety. I started taking SSRIs almost 18 years ago. Although the medication took away my anxiety, it left me feeling numb. Trying to taper off SSRIs is incredibly difficult. It takes months to taper down safely and the withdrawal is unbearable. I believe a lot of people find themselves in the same situation.”


It’s been a life changer. My military experiences stayed with me once I got out…I’m the last person to use drugs, but I’m so much happier and more connected now.


 “The first ketamine iv was pleasant, relaxing. I felt myself floating, as in the womb, with my umbilical cord attached to a Universal Source of Life. This was such a wonderful gift, since I was feeling an aloneness after the deaths of my mother and sister.”

“In the second one I felt my body waking up. There was movement: an abstract, pulsating, continuously changing, unfolding fractal. And I felt the joy of breathing! My rib cage had been twisted in the accident, and suddenly I felt that area come alive, my lungs inflate, the diaphragm relax. Yay! I’m regaining the flow of life.”

“In the third ketamine session, I re-connected to my laughter. I had felt rather rigid after the accident, had lost the feeling of music in my body. Now, in this infusion the music was not just in my ears, but inside my body, the piano keys tickling and waking up my spine.  Also, I sensed a silence and spaciousness between the notes of music. I felt myself laughing not only with those sensations, but with the very improbable and wonderfully strange complexity of Life itself. I felt my body dancing with rhythm flowing through me.”


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