Transcendental Meditation Joins the Battle

Transcendental Meditation (TM) has proven to be a life-changing revelation for those who’ve tried it. Finding peace of mind is the goal of any PTSD therapy. Our goal is to offer those fighting PTSD free and drug-free, conventional and unconventional, approve and un-approved  options. Therefore, TM gets our support as a weapon in the fight against PTSD and beyond. For those with PTSD or those looking to improve, TM could be a life-saver as well as a life-changer.

TM Lights Up Your Brain To Overshadow PTSD

I recently spoke with a representative from the David Lynch Foundation about TM for Veterans. They are actively promoting TM as a therapy to give Veterans another tool to fight their drug-resistant PTSD. Their Operation Warrior Wellness builds resilience for Veterans and active duty. They partner with other Veteran nonprofits and numerous military bases to create a new and better warrior. Their site offers many access points for those looking for more information and steps to get started.

David Lynch famously directed mind-bending movies so it would fit that his Foundation would seek to spread awareness of TM. His celebrity testimonails videos really bridge the gap between thinking about trying it and doing it. Listening to them extol the benefits makes it seem doable.

Watching Jerry Seinfeld, Martin Scorsese and Paul McCartney (this is the one that got me) get so enthusiastic feels genuine, even though this is from people who are paid to fake it. Quickly you see that there’s something going on here that good for all.

PTSD Veterans Testimonials 

Along with testimonials from regular folks, you see Veterans telling their stories about PTSD and TM. From both groups you see hope and joy where before there was twisted desperation.

“After starting TM, my heart and mind were calmed. I had my first full night of sleep in 21 years. I have new goals in my life, and I haven’t stopped smiling ever since my first meditation.”

—Carlos, veteran of Operation Desert Storm and Liberation of Kuwait

When I came back from Afghanistan, I was angry, depressed, and suicidal. Transcendental Meditation has lifted my depression, eased my pain and given
me my life back.”

– Luke Jensen, Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran

TM is an ideal fit for anyone looking to relieve stress, refresh their minds, and gain a new way to control their world. Here’s why TM works. It is:


  • Simple to learn: Accessible to both civilian and military practitioners—standardized instruction ensures consistent results
  • Easy to practice: Does not involve concentration or controlling the mind—difficult practices for those suffering intrusive thoughts and flashbacks
  • Confidential and portable: Can be practiced privately, anywhere, at any time

Brain scans show how TM lights up your brain. Effects are fast acting and universal. One session is all it talks to feel the full impact.


Our Veterans are killing themselves in record numbers mostly due to PTSD. An overmatched VA can’t take care of them or their families. We will.

Soldier suicide leaves Veteran families with thousands of dollars of bills unpaid, mostly bank loans.

We are the only nonprofit standing with the families after a veteran suicide. Stand with us.

Our Mission: Become the preferred channel for donors, advocates and volunteers who care about veteran families left behind after a soldier suicide.