“Shits gotta change ….I’m tired of seeing headlines like this we gotta do better someway somehow.”

It started with a notification. Short sound. A Vet looked at his phone. Saw this news story:

Then it came.  Anger.  Hatred.  Darkness.  And a strong voice. He got on Reddit and let loose on a Vet subreddit. Others are pissed off too. Together, they got after it. Unfiltered, here’s what they said. Typos, language,v and real-life looks into watching your brothers and sister eat a bullet. FYI: the comments are listed in those that were upvoted, or the most popular, as decided by the Vets.

“I don’t want you to blame your chain of command. It’s not the officers, or the chiefs – it’s you. You, on the deckplate. You are the reason this happened. This is what happens when you don’t take care of each other.”

– Two-star admiral after a murder/suicide on our boat.

Talk about shifting the blame, that’s disgraceful. What a heartless cunt.

It later came out that the XO quite literally bullied the kid to death.

He lacks the warmth or the depth for that word to be apt…

Absolutely disgraceful !!!


Pretty accurate. I’ve been out over 15 years and its sad to see nothing, fucking nothing has changed. FTN.

The Navy has the absolute WORST leadership in the world, and honestly that absolute shit tier leadership example is what has allowed me to excel in the private world since leaving. The Navy taught me everything you SHOULDN’T do as a leader.

Same. I would have to see something amazing to even consider hiring a chief.

Man I’m right there with you I got out in ’13 and it was a toxic shit show then. And yes the Navy taught me how to be a great leader by doing the exact opposite of what they did.


We just lost one of our shipmates a few weeks ago to it. I’ve been out since 2015 and it’s been at least one a year from people I served with personally.

I don’t understand, you’ve been out of the navy for 7 years and people you served with are committing suicide? Are they still in the navy or are they also separated?

Its a mix of both but mostly people that have gotten out. I was a nuke on a ship with negative morale during the arab spring, I literally had to tackle a sailor in my officer while he was stabbing himself in the wrist.

Navy leadership is always “I suffered and so should you” and never “I suffered so you don’t have to.”

You have to do something about the crippling sea/shore rotation, toxic leadership, stagnant promotions literally anything. -sailors

Well shit, I tell ya what how about a new uniform, a 36 hour lib pass and rummaging around in pocket a Snickers? -big Navy

“Sorry Shipmate, Do More with less. here’s some breathing techniques to get you by.”

You think they don’t give a shit now, I was on my first cruise and the tempo and stress were starting to get to me. So I go and talk to the chaplain as it was my only option. This mother fucker told me to start smoking to help relax. That was it, his only advice. And they wonder why this is happening.

Oh I just got out of bootcamp couple weeks ago.Chaplain was teaching us about what should we do if we want to commit suicide and I quote “Just dont think those thoughts think happy thoughts”.Yes I’m sure every sailor literally wants to hear that when they are dealing with so much pain and so much stress they want to kill themselves

Don’t use Chaplains for mental health issues. Chaplains are for spirit issues, not mental health. You need a Psychologist or Licensed Clinical Social Worker. NOT a Chaplain.

They do it by firing the fat folks. They also fire the mentaly ill when they find them. It is possible to go to fleet and family for, I think up to 6 psych visits that don’t get reported to your chain of command. Mental health is in don’t ask don’t tell territory.

If you’re on a CVN you have a psychologist embedded with you in the medical department and they can see you in port or at sea.

If you’re on a surface ship in San Diego you have a team at SURFPAC called Embedded Mental Health (EMH). Your IDC can refer you to them or you can walk in and request services. They have both psychologists and LCSW’s that work at EMH. It’s located in the old building on NBSD wet side behind the chapel next to the foot bridge that connects wet and dry side.


There’s much more, but you get the idea. Their torture never stops. We hope it does one day.