Coach Tuberville and the Pentagon

Veterans Think the Celebrity Politicians Needs to be Benched


At a press conference at the U.S. Capitol on June 14 in Washington, D.C. Tuberville issued a new threat against the Pentagon this week amid his continued opposition to nominations and promotions of officials in the U.S. military. This sort of behavior rather puts a nail in the coffin of the idea that conservatives value the military in anything but a token way. Winning culture war points is clearly more important than military preparedness. Source

Senator Tommy Tuberville, 68 years old, is a former football coach with a history of self-centered, brazen dishonesty and self-serving behavior. His one-person war against the highest levels of leadership in continues his campaign to stop abortions in the US military. That’s right, that’s what this is all about. GOP politics as it’s worst. Republicans are determined to weaken our country and our US military by challenging each other in a race to the bottom. Republican states are at the bottom when it comes to GNP production, higher education, and personal income. Yet their candidates and politicians continually convince their voters that life will be better with them. Tuberville is a shining example of a Republican politician who’s earlier reputation in a pop-culture career (sports, game show hosts, social media influencer) is simply too much for their under-educated constituents to deal with.

Tuberville left Texas Tech in 2012 in the same manner that he is stonewalling top-level military appointments today. He famously sneaked out of a dinner with recruits so that he could accept a job at Cincinnati. “The waitress brought our food out, and we thought he went to the bathroom,” said Devonte Danzey, who was considering Tech but later committed to Auburn. “The next day, [Tuberville] announced he was going to Cincinnati.” The coach’s abrupt exit shocked Texas Tech players. “Never felt more anger in my life,” tweeted tight end Jace Amaro. “Can’t believe what just happened,” wrote safety Cody Davis. As at previous stops, Tuberville’s athletic director was stunned by the news. “As recently as yesterday [Tuberville] looked me in the eye and gave me his commitment and dedication to Texas Tech football,” Kirby Hocutt told reporters in 2012. Source

Tuberville left Cincinnati in 2016. He resigned shortly after telling heckling fans to “go to hell” and “get a job.” Cincinnati players noted that Tuberville acted as if everything was normal at a season-ending banquet in 2016, and left the team to find out about his departure via subsequent text messages.

US Senator Tommy Tuberville cartoon

Like Once A Soldier, Veterans Think Tuberville’s Pentagon Antics Are Super Gay

With our advocacy for Veterans and their families genuine and authentic, we stand is sharp contrast to Tuberville’s misguided political theater, Trump’s never-ending abuse of Veterans, we dipped into the r/Military comments to hear what Veterans are saying about Tuberville’s latest press conference:

“Sounds to me like some Gunnys and Chief Petty Officers need to ask Senator Tubberville to meet them at the treeline for an impromptu counseling session…

I think there’s a handful of Sarnt majors that would like to see him afterwards outside with a water source and his E-tool.

You say that as if most those old crusty bastards don’t have the same beliefs as Tuberville and want to go back to the old days.

Honestly, most of them don’t. The soldiers they need are the ones capable of reading and writing. The dumb fucks that are human meat for the grinder.. they’ve got plenty of that. It’s the brains they need so they need to snap to WRT having the service reflect the actual cultural values of the country. You won’t get the smart ones to join, otherwise.

Exactly. Any time a large organization like the military, natsec agency or Fortune 500 company vocally supports things like diversity or access to abortion/reproductive healthcare, etc. it’s largely because they’re looking to recruit educated folks that tend to value those attributes in an employer. I assume Tuberville knows this, he’s just willing to hurt the military to score political points.

Teach him what FAAFO means.

This clown was largely silent prior to this stunt. We get it, you’re the shining sigil for your party, but in the process you’re screwing over the military horribly at the upper echelon.

Start pulling military equipment and personnel out of Alabama. Relocate the bases to somewhere else (I get the time it will take and cost). Once they start losing their cash cow, he’ll change his mind.

They already lost the Space Force HQ because of his shenanigans.

Not to be pedantic but they lost the SPACECOM HQ, not the Space Force HQ. One is the Combatant Command, one is the Service. Either way I get where you’re going.

Got room for another armor division at Fort Cavazos.

Used to have 2 divisions there since the 1970s, but the republicans in the local area couldn’t handle a democrat being in office. As soon as they gerrymandered him out of office one of the divisions was moved to Colorado.

Why was the division moved? Well, because the democrat was the chairman of the armed services committee, and had the seniority to keep things the way they were, even through a whole bunch of BRAC moves and political maneuvers.

Roughly 30 thousand jobs lost by republicans being Republican.

The senator’s statement continued: “This has given me more time to look more closely into the background of some of these nominees, and I have deep concerns about some of them. I will continue this process of oversight and I will announce my opposition to specific nominees in the weeks ahead.”

I’m calling it now – he is going to block the Navy’s pick for Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) for some arbitrary reason, but the subtext will be her distinct lack of dangly bits.”

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