Save A Veteran. Save a Family. Both are the mission.


Proven PTSD-Killing Treatments

We grant funds to pay for proven clinical treatment for at-risk Veterans.

Veterans at the end of their rope get life saving therapy within days after the call. Time is NOT on our side. Your donation saves lives and family. Give now.

Postvention (after a suicide)

Deserving Veteran Families

We grant funds to pay for emergency funeral home arrangements.

This 11-year-old listened behind a door as his dad held a gun to his mom and big sister. When dad’s PTSD episode ended, he ended his life in their living room.

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Our care starts with counseling and it goes from there with:

Review of Coronor or Medical Examiner Practices

Funeral Home Bill Review

Funeral Home Lower Price Ask

Bio-Hazard Bill Review and Ask

Receipt of the Veteran’s DD 214

Receipt of the Death Certificate

Funeral Costs Covered Up To $1,000