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Your Donation Gets To The Survivors With 48 Hours

Our mission centers on those American families who’s Veteran just killed themselves, but without life insurance or any savings, their families can’t pay the funeral home who don’t play around.

We need to act fast using today’s financial technology to release the body. Otherwise, the body will sit until payment is made. Family are not allowed to see him or her. After a while, storage fees are added on.

We don’t believe that’s right for these amazing American families. This is what we’re doing about it.

On the family’s behalf, we negotitate with the funeral directors to bring closure and pay the bill so the family can move on. 

FYI: We are a 100% volunteer organization. 


Our care starts with counseling and it goes from there with:

Review of Coroner or Medical Examiner Practices

Funeral Home Bill Review

Funeral Home Lower Price Ask

Bio-Hazard Bill Review and Ask

Receipt of the Veteran’s DD 214

Receipt of the Death Certificate

Funeral Costs Covered Up To $1,000