“I thought no one cared and that no one would ever know my lost son Cedrick. I have some peace in knowing that you have the strength to help families and keep our soldier’s memories alive.”

Give The Gift of Eternal Gratitude This Year

Whether you’re looking to gain a tax deduction for 2019, help our Veteran families in this season of giving, or giving because it feels good, your end of year donation will help a grieving family know someone out there cares. Let them know that someone is you.

End Of Year Gifts That Last Forever
#GivingTuesday, Thanksgiving, Christmas are all times to find unexpected joy and the spirit of the season. Your gift to Once a Soldier is the perfect way to spread that feeling. Veteran suicide is a black cloud that follows our families. Be the silver lining that reminds them they they are not forgotten and that they are appreciated for their sacrifice.

The tradition of giving at the end of the year started in 1942 when the Red Cross asked for wartime giving to meet the blood needs of our soldiers overseas and money for needs at home. Keep that spirit alive by giving to Once a Soldier. Our veteran families have served just like the soldier. They deserve our help.

During that time of year that includes celebrations for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Years, make this season a little brighter for them. Be their Silver Lining in the cloud of veteran suicide that follows them year ’round. Thank you!

Thank You For Remembering Our Veteran Families