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Your funeral home may not offer cremation, but they will have a licensed vendor to work with. Like casket services, prices vary. Ashes in an urn are returned. Ashes can also be split up into any number of urns you need/purchase. Here’s a link to some prices for reference.

Costs range from $900 – $3,000.

Casket Burial

Know that the VA will provide a plot and an in-ground marker as well as a 20-minutes service at a national cemetery. Financial aid tops out at $2,000 and takes weeks to arrive. Most have a hometown favorite, but calling around to get competitive pricing is what we offer.

Costs range from $6,000 – $15,000.

once a soldier charity helps soldier suicide and veteran suicide families

Cremation is the most economical and sensible death care option. The process and decisions needed to make are also family-friendly. And your protected by the Federal Trade Commission. Direct cremations and their ability to provide one are your right.


  • Loved one’s body is picked up by the funeral home
  • Death certificate and permits are filed by the funeral home
  • Cremation takes place
  • Family picks up the ashes in a simple urn

You don’t need to be financially distressed to have a direct cremation. You just have to decide if you want to spend $14,000 for a funeral or not. If money is no object, then the money you save on direct cremation could be spent during the wake, or a lavish remembrance reception with your loved one as the guest of honor.