Using your mobile device, record your best memory of your loved one lost to PTSD or suicide. Maybe it was something they did on a vacation, night out or the first time you saw them as a soldier. Whatever it is, keep it short and simple so that we can make it easier to transfer it to our library and share it with others. A length of under a minute is a good rule of thumb. And remember, you don’t only have to do one. Because it’s short, and we know that memories can’t always follow an internet upload file limit, please feel free to contribute multiple short videos. We will be able to post them all and you will always to be able to find it.


If that doesn’t work for you, please fill out the contact form below and we will reply with other options that will work.


Once you have shot your Silver Lining Project video, please e-mail it right from your phone to Google is our advertising partner and they offer great cloud storage we need. This isn’t an endorsement, but through their ad grant, we are able to reach out to more families and supporters than we could without them.  We also want to make the project a success and most importantly, easy for you to do. Please let us know via the same email any issues you may have had or how we can make it easier for everyone to upload.

The mission of Once a Soldier is to financially aid the families of soldier suicide and veteran suicide. Besides the shock of losing a loved one, the financial burden now placed upon them can be a blow that we can help soften. Please donate and help us be the silver lining in their dark times.