Research Collected By Operation Deep Dive Reveals Unaccounted Cases of Suicide

Operation Deep Dive (OpDD), is a community-based veteran suicide prevention study taking place in 14 states across the country. America’s Warrior Partnership (AWP) and researchers from the University of Alabama are leading this four-year study with a grant from the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation. Operation Deep Dive will conclude in December 2021. 

The bulk of the research involves AWP interviewing families and friends of Veteran suicide to better understand the lifestyle and habits of a Veteran in the last two years leading up to their death. If you or someone you know meets the requirement listed below, please contact:

Krystal Garcia

Program Associate


Call: 706-386-2431

Interviews Conducted In 14 States

The Real Picture of Veteran Suicide is Still Coming Into Focus

Early data has shown that some Veteran suicides are not being recorded. In Florida, state death certificates from 2014 to 2018 with DOD-verified service records reveals that 153 former service members who died by suicide were unaccounted in official records. This same comparison revealed 68 unaccounted cases of suicide in Minnesota during the same period. While comparisons from the remaining 12 states in the study are in progress, the analysis completed within these states is indicative of a more comprehensive gap under-representing the reality of veteran suicide.


By participating in an Operation Deep Dive interview that aims to investigate the lives of veterans lost to suicide or a non-natural cause of death (overdose, asphyxiation, accidental gunshot, drowning, suicide by law enforcement, or high-speed, single-driver accident) within the last 24 months.


The goal is to examine how the deceased veteran was engaged within the community and how the community can better support our veterans in the future.

Your insight will contribute greatly to the formation of a proactive approach to preserving the life of service members and veterans!


Must be 18​ or older

A relative, loved one, friend, or co-worker to a deceased veteran who has died by suicide or from non-natural causes within the last 24 months

Located within one of the states listed below

Participant and veteran must have lived in the same community (metropolitan statistical area) prior to the veteran’s death


If you would like to get additional information about being a participant, please contact

Krystal Garcia

Program Associate


Call: 706-386-2431


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