Statistics on Veteran Mental Health and Suicide

Approximately 22 U.S. military veterans per day commit suicide.

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among post-9/11 veterans.

Veterans have a 50% higher risk for suicide than their peers who have not served.

More than 108,000 veterans have died by suicide since 2001.

33% of service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan report symptoms of mental health or cognitive problems.

Less than 50% of veterans in need receive any mental health treatment.

Female soldiers are at a 250% higher risk for suicide than civilian women.

35% of veterans say they have trouble paying their bills in the first few years after leaving the military.

More than 80% of civilian organizations have no veteran-specific recruiting programs.


Among veterans who served during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the suicide rate for those who were undeployed is 48% higher than for veterans who experienced deployment.

Suicide is the second-leading cause of death for post-9/11 veterans, accounting for 22.3% of all deaths.

In 2015 (most recent year data is available), more than 70% of veteran suicides occurred outside Veterans Health Administration care.

Veterans account for more than 9% of all adults experiencing homelessness in the U.S., translating to more than 39,000 homeless veterans on any given day.

Among veterans experiencing homelessness, 59% are age 51 or older.

Between 2009 and 2016, there was a 54% increase in the number of veterans age 62 or older experiencing homelessness.

Individuals of color comprise 18% of the general veteran population, but account for 43% of all veterans experiencing homelessness.


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